Friday, 16 August 2013


If you want to be healthy which everybody should want then you should first analyze your diet and lifestyle. Being inactive for the best part of the day is really not good because if you sit around all day not doing much then when are you actually active? when you go to sleep? Be more active! It is very important remember your bosses dont care if you die of hear disease so long as you carry on working in the office sat down not moving.... so that why you must do something about this and be more active when your not at work if you carnt be bothered to quit that boring office job... If you have a office job then you MUST run, walk or cycle to work and DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT TAKING TRANSPORT TO WORK!... if it is a long way away then your best bet is to cycle... if it is a hours drive away then move move house closer to work! You health is the most important thing not a job..

Don't eat junk food either it tastes horrible and all the same. boring. Eating junk food.. guess what? is really bad and will harm your health! junk food will give you spikes in blood sugar levels resulting in insulin being released into your blood which causes fat sotrage to reduce sugar levels in your blood which aint good.. also these blood sugar spikes will give you boosts in energy very quickly and will be gone just as quickly leaving you tired and wanting more food...

Running and walking the best exercises

Running and walking helps to keep the heart healthy circulating blood efficiently throughout your body. Not being active and walking places causes poor health and a unhealthy heart which can cause all sort of problems.

Say no to being a slave and being un healthy

Do not slave away risking your health and life working a in office making someone else rich. Instead be more active and live life to the full that's what i say. The capitalists really do make life harder for people demanding we work more hours sat on a computer working away whilst our health suffers. Don't be a slave to these greedy morons and instead be more active and have fun playing sports and doing fun stuff instead!

How to improve your fitness

Really it is quite simple eat better, exercise more effectivly dont be lazy.

Laziness causes us not to bother to cook healthy and yummy meals, time is of the essence in most of our modern lifestyles... how easy it is to make and cost too that is why many of us choose to buy cheap quick and easy fast food meals that have been cooked in trans fats, rich in sugar and have no other nutrients except from maybe grease. But it is this lazy attitude toward not cooking healthy foods and not being active enough that is detrimental to our health. A better healthier lifestyle where we look after ourselves by eating meals that have nutritional value and having a wide variety of foods in a balanced diet, being more active and not sitting around working on a computer in a office and then going home and just watching tv all day is something you should stop if you want to be more healthy. If you take transport to work either a bus, or a car or train stop! Try instead walking or running to work.... or if it is a bit far at least cycle there.... doing this to and from work will make you more alert and less tired too... as it is not activity that makes you tired and lazy more inactivity in simple terms because your body has no reason to be awake.

Make sure you atleast do some exercise..... People forget to do exercise and should! Running or just taking long walks can be enough if you dont want to do to much. But it is very important that you do some as keeping your heart healthy is very important. You heart is needed to pump blood and nutrients to different parts of your body. It also needs to be healthy to pump more efficiently too causing less stress on the heart. A healthy heart reduces the chances of heart diseases dramatically.

Cook tasty but healthy food. Not all healthy food taste yucky ya know in fact there are tons of healthy food you can cook.. Chicken is healthy would you say that was disgusting? quite a lot of fruit is nice to eat which aint yucky either there really is a lot of tasty food available giving you a lot of choice.. there is more to tasty food than just chips everyday...chips again.. boring! Make sure that you cook the food right, use the right kind of oil like olive oil to fry things and not to much either.. stay away from fats to fry stuff and if you cook chicken or meat try grilling it instead as grilling doesn't add anymore fat to the meal, more healthy and tastes great too!

I hope that you take the points posted in this article and actually put them into practice as it isn't hard to be more healthy and live longer you just dont have to be lazy that's all.. and eat better and exercise!

feet hurt whilst running? how about some running insoles

 Isn't it really annoying when you go running and find that what lets you down isn't being out of breathe and not being able to run anymore but actually foot cramp or pain that halts your run or jog.

I mentioned running insoles in one of my other posts.. cant remember which one but I am sure I did. But just to tell those who didn't read that post and to explain in more detail how running insoles work and how they can stop pain whilst running.

Running insoles adapted for runners from orthotic arch support insoles to better cope in running conditions and situations running insoles will stabilize balance and footing position making you run much more efficiently. Less energy is lost on impact with the ground thus this also make the efficiency of your run far better too making you tire less. Stress on the knee is also greatly reduced. Running insoles create less fatigue on the knee and muscles in the leg making foot and leg cramp a thing of the past. Leave foot problem behind when you set of for your run in a pair of running insoles. the shock absorbing running insoles are the best as over time with constant impacts whilst you run this can cause shock which can become damaging and can even cause damage in your knee as well. Shock absorbing insoles stop this!
Why do you think all the greatest runner use them? no not just for endorsements but to help protect themselves and their running careers as they know a foot injury can ruin their running carreers quite easily and the best way to prevent on is to wear running insoles! Combat the effects that shock whilst running can have on your feet. No need to spend a whole wod of cash eithier as running insoles are quite inexpensive ranging from £10-£15.

By wearing running insoles you are helping to reduce the rick of injury and a pair will mean you will be able to run for longer without fatigue because of how the insoles work.

Running insoles have orthotic in their design.. and orthotics are used mainly as a way to ease pain and increase recovery time when injured so you know you cannot go wrong and these running insoles will help to prevent injury instead of just treating it.

Running insoles aren't just for the professional runners as lots of sports require a lot of movement and running running insoles can also be bought for sports too! In many contact sports there is a higher rick of collision and injury to so protecting yourself is even more important in sports as their is a higher risk.

A good diet is always the best option to stay healthy

What you eat is important reducing calories will not do! Just thinking if you reduce what you eat rather than just not eating empty calorie and unhealthy foods isn't the right way to go. Remember a 1000 calories or healthy fruit and vegetables is a lot different to 1000 of junk fast food! But people seem to forget this very simple fact that's why you shouldn't make the same mistake. Eating healthy is the only way to be really healthy... second is to be more active and exercise. But it is the food that you eat which will determine how much energy you will have for you to be able to exercise properly. Eat healthy foods and dont eat junk......... SO SIMPLE!

Need extra height?

If you are looking or wanting to be a little bit taller I have just the solution for you and the solution will also provide comfort and support to your feet as well something high heels doesn't do. Height increasing shoe lift insoles is the answer! What are these insoles? Well they do exactly what the name describe you place them in ya shoes and see how when you put on your shoes your much much taller than you should be. It doesn't stop there because of how the insoles work.. ie by elevating the heel with stacks mean that you are in control of what some say is impossible... just how tall you are! By adding or taking away stack you have complete control. I suggest that over time you adjust your height up adding a stack every once in a while this way you will seem to other that your growing taller! The comfort of these insoles is very important as how can you wear something that is uncomfortable or even damaging like high heels all day? Well a pair of these insoles wont be uncomfortable one bit quite the opposite in fact! Why is simply because... they are made with orthotics! Cool hey! Watch as people stop talking down to you and your confidence increases when you wear them that is what extra height can do! Dont beleive me then why not buy a pair and see if i am right or wrong.... dont worry they dont cost much AT ALL...£10 ONLINE! BARGAIN OF THE CENTURY!

Pick up a pair of these height increasing insoles

Nuovahealth is a good place to go to buy some of these insoles with a extensive collection to pick from and in a whole range of different sizes to fit you you'll be able to find the best pair for you no problems.

Oh yeah because of these insoles i was able to get.. well i bet you wont be able to guess how much taller i was able to get with them....? No not a few centimeters.. 3 whole inches thats how much taller you can get with all the stacks put in them. But it doesn't end there as you can always improve your posture too making you look even taller as well!! LOL no really this is all true.