Friday, 16 August 2013


If you want to be healthy which everybody should want then you should first analyze your diet and lifestyle. Being inactive for the best part of the day is really not good because if you sit around all day not doing much then when are you actually active? when you go to sleep? Be more active! It is very important remember your bosses dont care if you die of hear disease so long as you carry on working in the office sat down not moving.... so that why you must do something about this and be more active when your not at work if you carnt be bothered to quit that boring office job... If you have a office job then you MUST run, walk or cycle to work and DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT TAKING TRANSPORT TO WORK!... if it is a long way away then your best bet is to cycle... if it is a hours drive away then move move house closer to work! You health is the most important thing not a job..

Don't eat junk food either it tastes horrible and all the same. boring. Eating junk food.. guess what? is really bad and will harm your health! junk food will give you spikes in blood sugar levels resulting in insulin being released into your blood which causes fat sotrage to reduce sugar levels in your blood which aint good.. also these blood sugar spikes will give you boosts in energy very quickly and will be gone just as quickly leaving you tired and wanting more food...

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